Note: In an ever-changing field as Computer Science, the frontier gets refreshed and advanced every day. Even the latest course work listed below from 2006 has already been obsolete. Hence this pageĀ serves as archive only.

CSE577 Vision Algorithms

CSE546 Data Mining

  • Project: Feature Selection for Fast Face Matching
    In this project, I explored model ensemble techniques to achieve fast face image matching. I applied adaboosting method with a cascade structure to do a multi-label classification.

CSE567 Digital System Design

CSE576 Computer Vision

  • Project: Super Intelligent Scissors
  • Project: Face Detection/Recognition
  • Project: Panoramic Mosaic Stitching

CSE510 Advanced Topics in HCI

  • Project: Tablet based Chinese Calligraphy

CSE561 Network

CSE503 Software Engineering

CSE557 Computer Graphics

  • Project: Arcimboldo with Nilesh Dalvi

CSE573 Artificial Intelligence

  • Project: iChess with Lin Liao & Tian Sang
    iChess used quite a number of advanced techniques such as Bitboard, Quiescence Search, Transposition Table, Opening Book, etc.
    C++ Source Code Download (Tested on Windows & Linux)