Ke Colin Zheng

I am now working on the buy-side of finance industry, as an independent portfolio manager.

Prior to that, I spent 6 years at Goldman Sachs in the role of quant and subsequently prop-trader. I was drawn to the industry to search for alpha. Initially, I focused on predication using machine learning techniques in the high-frequency space. As I got more intrigued by the market, I shifted to study and practice systematic macro-trading, where I was building quantitative framework to understand and infer market movement in a much more interactive and discrete space. I was particularly interested in EM / Asia / Greater-China market, as I rotated in GS Tokyo / Beijing / Hong Kong offices during my GS tenure.

Unexpectedly, I formerly worked as both a researcher and an engineer at Bing, the decision engine powered by Microsoft. My job was to tackle another search problem: web. In particular, I was working on the image / video vertical of the search engine, leveraging computer vision, pattern recognition, and machine learning techniques. I was in charge of image / video search relevance for billions of online images and videos, revamping to build the first internet scale machine learning-based practice in multimedia search at Microsoft. In addition to solving the hardcore ranking task, I contributed to many industry leading features of image / video search.

I completed my Ph.D in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Washington in 2008. My research interests lie in computer graphics, computer vision and multimedia. My advisors are David Salesin and Brian Curless at the university, and I also collaborate closely with Michael Cohen and Rick Szeliski from Microsoft Research. In my thesis work, I develop computational techniques that can help us author and render more expressive imagery from cameras.

Besides doing research, I have always been interested in learning about business, with the hope of bringing research ideas/technology to commercial products. I hold a Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate from Foster School of Business at University of Washington, and have consulted a few IT start-ups.

I came originally from China. I completed my Bachelors with honor from Chu Kochen CollegeZhejiang University, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, 2001.

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